Vision & Mission


Every Nation wholly TRANSFORMED into societies worthy of human life by the collective contribution of its citizens to all spheres of endeavors.


Private Transformation Network is committed to the reformation of Nations by providing tools, training and technical resources required for continuous improvement in the lives of every citizen to birth a culture of excellence, equity and integrity in every society. 

  • "My first contact with Private Transformation Network was at the 2017 summer retreat in Kaduna, Nigeria. The first thing which struck me about the retreat was the intensity of the sessions; they could start out around mid afternoon and run on all evening and for most of the night. What this creates is an exciting shock effect, you wind up realizing that you actually had it in you to stay up, wide-eyed, listening, learning, interacting, taking notes, absorbing concepts, thinking, strategizing and working on yourself. "
    Mike Medubi
    Civil Engineer/Amateur Pundit/Occasional Writer Kaduna, Nigeria.
  • " my joy of learning from the facilitators and being part of the PTN since its May 2017 retreat in Kaduna, Nigeria. My life took a different turn, course and growth in the right direction!The retreat was mind-blowing and too excellent to be true. I was at a point where I needed to make a crucial decision about my career, my job and my finance because everything looked bleak but Private Transformation brought the long-needed light. I had clarity and took BOLD step which I have not regretted up to this day! "
    Oluwakemi Bello
    Money Manager / Talk Entrepreneur / Serial Network Marketer
  • " ThePrivate Transformation Network experience has been one life changing experience, it has opened me up to a lot of hidden talents and skills I never knew I had inside of me. I have learnt to build capacity when handling tasks, time management skills, as well as vision building. "
    Gimbiya Galadima
    CEO, Axterix Events Abuja, Nigeria

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  • *Are YOU dissatisfied with your current performance or state (statuesque).

  • *Are YOU desirous to explore the next level of your existence but aren't sure of how to get there from where you are

  • *Are YOU ready to stop resource hemorrhage.

  • *Are YOU open to defining strategies on how to better manage and maximize relationship, networks, human and other resources opportunities that are presently within your possession for maximum profit as it pertains to personal/organizational growth and goals.

  • *Are YOU longing to be reinvented or redefine in order to be recalibrated to the core of your mission in life.

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