About Dala

Dala Alphonso, Ph.D. (c)

Dala Alphonso, is the founder of Private Transformation™ Network and President/CEO of Dala Alphonso International Foundation
Professor of Business and Entrepreneur.

International Foundation, both United States based consortium of organizations with operations in several nations of the world. Dala’s core calling and purpose in life is to uplift, promote and preserve his generations by raising uncommon people! This singular mandate has been the pivotal focus of his existence since he lived through a terrorist hijacking and ensuing airplane crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight (ET-961) in November of 1996 which killed about one hundred and twenty-five people. Dala survived unscathed!

Born and raised in a highly impoverished home in Africa, Dala knows the plight of the poor and underprivileged. Driven by his father’s influence, Dala wanted to pursue a career in the military but his lifelong aspiration changed when he discovered and developed a love for business that led to the startup and establishment of his first series of entrepreneurial ventures in the 1990s. 

Dala is vested in a wide array of platforms globally but he personally focuses on consulting for organizations and educating individuals using core management principles from his signature program known as Private Transformation™ – a training model he designed as a roadmap for practical and sustainable success through Personal Excellence and Entrepreneurship. As a coach who seeks to empower others to achieve their personal and professional goals, Dala believes that consistent development and proper application of systemic skills are very fundamental in stimulating and sustaining reformation in any society or sphere of life. 

With over two decades of hands-on experience and education in professional capacities within corporate America and nonprofit organizations, Dala’s expertise can benefit enterprise veterans and entrants alike. Over the years, Dala has experienced failures that have become valuable life lessons that any wise learner can glean from to avoid future pitfalls on their own path towards attaining success. He has earned a proven track record of solid collaboration within a wide facet of industries and a vast network of clients across the globe.

Dala, who obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) in Nigeria, migrated to USA in the nineties and worked his way into leadership and management within several multi-billion dollar corporations while managing to concurrently develop ventures in technology, energy and real estate. Dala earned advanced degrees in Management with specialization in Entrepreneurship from Bellevue University, Nebraska, where he currently teaches as a professor in the College of Business.

An excellent communicator with the uncanny ability to transcend socio-cultural, racial, gender and economic barriers, Dala is a very seasoned coach and speaker who travels extensively across the globe (particularly within Africa) conducting diverse forms of management training programs in both private and public sectors. His goal is simply to educate, equip and empower individuals (and organizations) with the essential tools needed to start and sustain successful enterprises. 

As a transformational business leader, Dala continues to be actively involved in small business startups and selective acquisition opportunities globally because he believes in fostering growth by building teams that encourage individual expression and creativity.

He commits time to hobbies he enjoys: such as riding motorcycles, playing soccer, traveling, blogging and being with his family.

  • "My first contact with Private Transformation Network was at the 2017 summer retreat in Kaduna, Nigeria. The first thing which struck me about the retreat was the intensity of the sessions; they could start out around mid afternoon and run on all evening and for most of the night. What this creates is an exciting shock effect, you wind up realizing that you actually had it in you to stay up, wide-eyed, listening, learning, interacting, taking notes, absorbing concepts, thinking, strategizing and working on yourself. "
    Mike Medubi
    Civil Engineer/Amateur Pundit/Occasional Writer Kaduna, Nigeria.
  • " my joy of learning from the facilitators and being part of the PTN since its May 2017 retreat in Kaduna, Nigeria. My life took a different turn, course and growth in the right direction!The retreat was mind-blowing and too excellent to be true. I was at a point where I needed to make a crucial decision about my career, my job and my finance because everything looked bleak but Private Transformation brought the long-needed light. I had clarity and took BOLD step which I have not regretted up to this day! "
    Oluwakemi Bello
    Money Manager / Talk Entrepreneur / Serial Network Marketer
  • " ThePrivate Transformation Network experience has been one life changing experience, it has opened me up to a lot of hidden talents and skills I never knew I had inside of me. I have learnt to build capacity when handling tasks, time management skills, as well as vision building. "
    Gimbiya Galadima
    CEO, Axterix Events Abuja, Nigeria